Products, Products, Products!


Today I am reviewing Kerastase’s Ciment Thermique and Loreal’s Mythic Oil!

Starting with the Ciment Thermique, I love this product! It has a citrus smell and you put it in when your hair is wet before you blow dry! It is a great heat protectant and leaves your hair smooth!

Then the Mythic Oil, I love to use this product after I style my hair to get rid of any left over flyaways! Oh, a small amount goes a very long way and just put on the mid to ends of your hair, not by your scalp because your hair will get oily. This product is wonderful!

I highly recommend them to everyone!



Self Help

Self Help Tip #6: Get rid of all negativity in your life. Whether that’s friends, things you are doing, or anything. Get rid of it. You need to be happy and your happiness and health is WAY more important than anything else. You need to focus on yourself first and the people that care will stay by your side through it all!



Self Help

Self Help Tip #5, surround yourself with people who build you up and not tear you down. Since I finished most of my story, I will continue to do tips and I’ll be starting something new tomorrow so stay tuned!



Self Help

Here’s my story of what’s happening now. I decided it’s time to focus on myself. I’m on Zoloft and Abilify and then Xanax when I have a panic attack. I’ve been to the emergency room twice already for depression and panic attacks. I tried to hurt myself and was in a very bad place. I decided to finally put myself first and I resigned from my Vice President of Marketing position and I am finally focusing on my needs. I went through and blocked everyone that has ever sent me negative comments and now I’m feeling a lot better. I mean, I still have bad days but no where near where I was. I’m slowly getting better and couldn’t be happier about that.

Self Help Tip #4:

Love yourself and always put yourself first! You need to love yourself because you are amazing and wonderful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Self Help

Today I am going to tell you about my junior year. Around September, I decided it was time to go back to the doctor. I made an appointment and this psychiatrist was a lot nicer and easier to get into. He was helpful and we tried many medications until we found one that was working for me. I was doing well until the summer where everything got worse. I took on a Vice President position in my sorority and all of the negative criticism and all of the texts I was getting really got to me and made me depressed. I can now say that I live with anxiety, depression, and panic attack disorder all because of these girls who are supposed to build me up were just tearing me down. It was a sad thing to go through and I ended up in the emergency room for it once during the summer.

Tune in tomorrow for more details on the rest of my struggle.

Self Help Tip #3

Block their numbers. I have learned that if someone is constantly tearing you down, you need to just block their number and move on. Trust me it helps not getting those texts.

Self Help

So two days ago I wrote a little bit about myself and what I’m going through. Today, I am going to go in a little more detail about my Freshman and Sophomore years at college.. I am also going to give you all another self help tip.

Freshman year:

So as I remember my first panic attack was the day of my first exam as a college student. I was hyperventilating and couldn’t breathe and my heart was pounding faster than I have ever seen until this day. Back then it was hard to put into words what I was feeling. Which lead to me waiting to go to the doctor. Over time these got more common, my boyfriend and I were always fighting because we couldn’t communicate about what was happening to me. I desperately needed him to help but as I was unsure, I was not able to tell anyone exactly what was going on in my head. Eventually they got to the point where my first semester, I was failing my chemistry class and was getting the lowest grades I have ever gotten. I dropped a class and tried to get my grades up but sadly that didn’t work. I failed my chemistry class and it felt like the world was ending. At this time I was a Physical Therapy Major and as you may know, chemistry is an important aspect of this major. I retook the class second semester and got a B but that was the hardest class to ever earn a B in for me. Throughout high school I had always gotten As and Bs so it was hard for me to accept that I was doing a lot worse. I had no idea what was going on.

Sophomore Year

During the beginning of Sophomore year, I decided it was time to go talk to the school psychiatrist. He put me on lexapro and let me tell you, that is not fun. I was sick all the time which lead to poor grades again. I eventually took myself off this medication because I was unable to get in to see him again and was unable to get ahold of him. This lead to me not seeing anyone for another year because I was so afraid of the side effects.

Tune in tomorrow about the rest of my journey.

Self Help Tip #2:

Don’t let anyone get to you, you NEED to come first and there is no ifs ands or buts about that.



Self Help

I am going to start a little section called Self Help. This is due to me having really bad anxiety and panic attacks as well as developed depression because of my anxiety. I know a lot of people also struggle with this so I’ll tell you a little bit about my struggles and how I am trying to overcome them by encouraging myself.

Since I started college I noticed that something just wasn’t right. I was anxious all the time, not just the normal anxious you get before a test, I would have panic attacks. At the time I just thought it was nothing and just to ignore them and they would just go away. They didn’t. Over time they have gotten to the point where I black out, I can’t remember anything that happens, and I hyperventilate to the point where I almost pass out. Since Sophomore year of college I have been on medication for my anxiety and panic attacks and let me tell you, they are scary and I want to get off of the medication as soon as possible but I have to learn how to control my anxiety and panic attacks first.

I decided to start this section because I have already been to the emergency room twice for my panic attacks and depression and I am taking a stand and I want to help others who are going through something like me. Let me tell you, it’s not fun.

So here goes the first thing to help myself and you this week. Remember to keep this in mind all the time and hopefully it helps at least a little bit.

Keep an open mind. Not everything is the end of the world. If something bad happens just remember to breathe through it. Remember, inhale for 6 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. If you can’t hold it that long then shorten the time.

Check back tomorrow for another helpful tip